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Berks Winter Cast

12/13 Minor Ice Event

updated 12/14 10 am
It wasn't too bad of a bust but my first guess was actally better than my final call and much better than my 2nd call... NAM model really sucked on this one... Lesson Learned... advised my company at onste of storm their would be no snow... while NWS and other services still were callig for 1-3" or as much as 5-8", I really don't know why they didn't make adjustments thru the day...  My ice storm call to them was one degree away from verifying as we hovered just above the freezing mark for the entire storm after a dry slot during the early part of the storm, temps came up to 35 and when they came back down they just couldn't get to the mark... much to my chagrin.  Oh well live and learn and on to storm 2.

1st Call (Mon 12/10 11pm)
2nd Call (Tue 12/11 8pm) **COLD TREND**
Final Call (Issued 12/12 6:00pm)